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As a member of the Class of 2021 at Liberty High School, Brooke spread her light on her school and community through her dedication to the Liberty Dance Team as well as her commitment to helping those in need through Difference Makers.

The Langland Family Be A Light Foundation has created the Brooke Anne Langland Be A Light Dance & Difference Maker Scholarships for Liberty High School Seniors in honor of her.  Scholarships are open to Seniors at Liberty High School who are either members of the dance team or are members of the  Difference Makers.  Eligible students can be pursing either a 2-year or 4-year
degree at an accredited college/university.  Click here to download the scholarship application.

In addition, we also sponsor one scholarship that is awarded at the Iowa State Dance & Drill Team Association State Championships in December that is open to senior dancers from across the state.   An application for the ISDTA scholarships is available through their website.

 Winners of the Scholarships are Listed below

  • 2021  Hailey Ankenbauer (Dance - $1000) and Olivia Hall (Difference Makers - $1000)
  • 2022  Alison Colony (Difference Makers - $2000) and Andrea Belding (Difference Makers - $2000)
  • 2023  Olivia Warner - North Polk High School (ISDTA Brooke Langland Memorial Scholarship - $1000)
  • 2023 Sarah Smith (Dance - $2000), Kaitlyn Hodges (Dance - $1000), Addison Fishman(Difference Makers - $2000), and Tanner Knight(Difference Makers - $1000)
  • 2024 Stella Stelpflug - Pella High School (ISDTA Brooke Langland Memorial Scholarship - $1000)




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Liberty's Be A Light Gathering - Dance Competition

Liberty's Be A Light Gathering is taking place Saturday October 15, 2022 and is open to the public. This is a dance competition celebrating the life of Brooke Langland.  We encourage everyone to attend to watch some excellent dance solos and team competitions and help celebrate our Brooke. We hope to see some of you there. The schedule is attached.    Liberty's Be A Light Gathering  

The Foundation

We have created The Langland Family Be A Light Foundation to honor and to remember the life of Brooke Anne Langland who died unexpectedly in November of 2020 from an acute pulmonary embolism. Brooke was a senior at Liberty High School.

Liberty High School Memorial Trees

The Liberty High Difference Makers and Dance Team remembered  Brooke as part of the Dance for a Difference event on May 23, 2021. Two Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry trees were planted in front of the school near the dance studio at the end of the event. Notes were written to Brooke on bioabsorbable paper. The trees were spaced apart so one day a hammock may be placed between them. Thanks to Dawn Bouslog for providing the trees.  Thanks to all who made this event possible and who came out to support the family. 

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