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 There are several ways that you can contribute to The Langland Family Be A Light Foundation.




  1. Volunteer:   The Be A Light Dance Gathering is an annual event run by the  Liberty High School Dance Team.   There will be a variety of volunteer options to make that competition run and flow smoothly.                                                  
  2.  Fund-raise for the foundation (focused on the State of Iowa).   If you would like to have your own fundraiser for the foundation, we are set up to do Facebook fundraisers. Click here for instructions.  In addition, Instagram also has a fundraising feature for nonprofits as well.   They have also added the capacity to run group fundraisers on the platform, which will enable users to boost awareness of causes by having several people partner on a single fundraising promotion within the app.  You can also utilize the QR code at the bottom of this page to direct people to our PayPal donation site or to venmo both of which have fees..  You can also use this link if needed:  Feel free to have a mini fundraiser for your birthday or other activities.   You can also join in on the annual fundraiser between Thanksgiving and Brooke's birthday in December. 
  3.  Contribute to the foundation fund (focused on the State of Iowa).   Our goal is to build up a large fund that we can invest in perpetuity.  Something that will outlast us all.   We plan to invest the fund so that it will grow bigger each year (dependent upon the financial market). The bigger the fund becomes, the more investment income we will have to donate in Brooke's name each year.  The more we invest over time, the more we will do in honor of Brooke.

    Consider a matching gift from your business if they allow gifts to private foundations.

    If you would like to donate and obtain a possible tax deduction, the most cost efficient way is to send a check to:  

    The Langland Family Be A Light Foundation
     22 Eastview Place NE 
     Iowa City, IA  52240-9140  

    If you need to send money online, we offer PayPal as an option, but there are fees associated with that.   We are also registered with Venmo which has fees.    We are also registered with Facebook and Instagram which have no fees.  If you want to use PayPal, please click the button below.   Donation receipts will be sent via email, so please include your email address. 

or use this Paypal QR code.


or use this venmo QR Code


or use this linktree QR code for fundraisers.




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The Foundation

We have created The Langland Family Be A Light Foundation to honor and to remember the life of Brooke Anne Langland who died unexpectedly in November of 2020 from an acute pulmonary embolism. Brooke was a senior at Liberty High School.

Liberty High School Memorial Trees

The Liberty High Difference Makers and Dance Team remembered  Brooke as part of the Dance for a Difference event on May 23, 2021. Two Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry trees were planted in front of the school near the dance studio at the end of the event. Notes were written to Brooke on bioabsorbable paper. The trees were spaced apart so one day a hammock may be placed between them. Thanks to Dawn Bouslog for providing the trees.  Thanks to all who made this event possible and who came out to support the family. 

North Ridge Park Memorial Tree

Troop 2000 from Coralville, Iowa has graciously planted a tree in memory of Brooke.  It is located near the play ground at North Ridge Park in Coralville, Iowa.   The tree is a Tulip Poplar.   Brooke would frequently put up her hammock under aTulip Poplar tree at home.  

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